Michipicoten River

Michipicoten River

Skill Level: Novice
Distance: 15 km
Number of Days: 1
Season: Anytime

Route Description: The Michipicoten River offers a pleasant day trip with lots of wildlife and historical appeal. Start at Scott Falls Dam and float downstream to Lake Superior.

En route you may see black bear, bald eagles and salmon--especially in late summer. Historically, the Michipicoten was the main fur trade route from Lake Superior to James Bay. The remains of a Hudson Bay Company post can be found near the small community of Michipicoten River Village.

While this is a relatively benign trip, caution must be exercised in the fast moving water below Scott Falls. Be aware of sweepers--trees overhanging the water on the outside of river bends--and favour the inside of curves in the river. The mouth of the Michipicoten River can be hazardous when onshore wind and waves oppose the river current.

Naturally Superior Adventures offers a self-guided ecotour on the Michipicoten River that includes an eco-guide.
Maps and Guide Books: NTS (1:50,000) 41 N/15